Friday, February 6, 2009

Take this Quiz for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Tomorrow is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

If you are a Black woman, reading this, you should know that you are in the highest risk category for HIV/AIDS.

But are you personally at risk?

Take the Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz below to find out.
You might be surprised at the results.

Yes It COULD Happen to You

Before you dismiss this quiz, thinking “It can’t happen to me” consider this:

Unprecedented numbers of Black women are contracting HIV/ AIDS mainly from husbands and boyfriends on the down low.

It happening every day to women who least expect it – to women who had no idea their husbands or boyfriends were on the Down Low and sexually involved with other men.

It’s happening to Black women every day, everywhere, from all walks of life.
As an infidelity expert, I deal with the issue of same-sex infidelity ( better known in the Black community as the Down Low) on a daily basis.

So believe me when I say - Yes, It COULD indeed happen to you.

Especially if you’re not aware of the gaps in your knowledge about HIV/AIDS, or certain behaviors in your lifestyle that put you at risk for this life-threatening disease.

This Quiz Could Save Your Life

Before you dismiss The Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz as something that doesn’t apply to you or anyone you know, take 2 minutes quickly answer the 25 yes or no questions below to find out whether or not you could be at risk. (Isn't your life worth less than 3 minutes of your time?)

The life you save may be your own.

Share this quiz with your female friends.

The Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz
© copyright 2005 - 2008 Ruth Houston

I designed this Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz to help you identify the gaps in your knowledge and behavior in your lifestyle which might put you at risk for HIV/AIDS.

The quiz will help you pinpoint any changes you need to make in order to safeguard your health.

You could be in danger of becoming an HIV/AIDS statistic sinply because of something you just didn't know.

Take this Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz. It might surprise you to find out just how vulnerable you really are.

1. Do you know your HIV status?

2. Do you know the HIV status of your husband, boyfriend, or current sex partner(s)?

3. Do you know the HIV status of the ex partners you’ve had in the past?

4. Do you know your sex partner’s sexual history?

5. Do you know your sex partner’s true sexual orientation?

6. If you’re sexually active, do you always insist on a condom?

7. Do you still think of AIDS as a gay white male disease?

8. Are you aware that almost 70% of newly diagnosed HIV positive women are Black?

9. Are you aware that Black women are 33 times more likely than white women to be living with HIV/AIDS?

10. Do you know how to tell if your husband or boyfriend is on the down low?

11. Do you take it for granted that you’re in a monogamous relationship?

12. If your husband or boyfriend is cheating, has it occurred to you that his partner might actually be another man?

13. Do you feel you don’t have to worry about contracting HIV/AIDS because you’re married or in a committed relationship?

14. Do you believe you can tell whether or not a man is HIV positive just by looking at him?

15. Are you aware that as a Black woman, you are in the highest risk category for HIV/AIDS?

16. Are you aware that HIV/AIDS is the leading killer of Black women, ages 25-34?

17. Have you ever considered the possibility that you could be a victim of same-sex infidelity?

18. Do you believe a down low brother can be identified by the way he looks, acts, dresses or talks?

19. Are you aware that unprotected sex with an HIV positive man is the most common way for Black women to become infected with HIV?

20. Are you aware that the majority of Black men who are HIV positive have no idea they are infected?

21. Are you aware that exposure to another sexually-transmitted disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia can increase your risk of getting HIV?

22. Are you aware that Blacks with AIDS have shorter life spans than people of other races who have HIV?

23. Are you aware that there is NO CURE for HIV/AIDS?

24. Are you aware that early treatment of HIV/AIDS can keep the disease from turning into full blown AIDS?

25. Are you aware that ignorance about HIV/AIDS invites infection?

© copyright 2005 - 2008 Ruth Houston, founder of and and

Answer Key:

The correct answer for numbers 7,11,13,14,and 18 is no. All other answers should be yes.

Realize that even one wrong answer can put you at risk for HIV/AIDS.

The more wrong answers you have, the more at risk you are for contracting HIV/AIDS, simply because of something you may not know. Ignorance invites infection.

Educate yourself about HIV/AIDS.

Share this Black Woman’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Quiz with your female family members and friends.

By becoming more knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and how it’s transmitted, and making a few changes in your lifestyle, you can avoid becoming another HIV/AIDS statistic.

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